So how much can a certified sex coach make?

Fees for service can vary greatly depending on where you live. If you live in a busy and wealthy city, you might be able to charge hundreds of dollars more than if you live in a small city depending on the cost of living. The setting can also make a difference. Many Certified Sex Coaches operate a solo practice and some work in a group practice. Group Practices might give you supervision, trainings and a community. These added benefits can be helpful for a new or seasoned sex coach alike.

Charging per an hour

A Certified Sex Coach charges anywhere between $125 and $300/hour in private practice. An hour is typically 60 minutes long, as opposed to a therapy session which is 50 minutes long. Certified Sex Coaches can also lead retreats, teach locally or nationally, create and deliver workshops or webinars and make much more to supplement their income. So even if you live in a rural area, the online opportunities to extend your services might help you also expand your reach as well as make more money.

Other Factors in charging for sex coaching

There are other factors that can significantly affect how much you can charge per an hour. These can include the quality of your website. I’ve seen so many websites that are either poorly designed, cookie cutter (meaning that your website looks very similar to every other practice), or stuck in the early 2000s.  Another factor that can make a different in how much you charge for sex therapy services is if you know how to effectively market your services or spread the word that you are taking on new clients. Having a specific niche can also set you a part in a big market. If you specialize in a population or issue, clients might seek you out from afar.

According to a local certified sex coach, here are a few examples to illustrate how you can expect to realize a return on your investment. Certified sex coaches typically have sessions for a full 60 minutes, instead of the clinical hour of 50 minutes.

  • Individual Sessions: $125 to $300 per 60 minute session
  • Monthly Coaching Packages: $450 t0 $1500 per client depending on what’s included
  • Group Coaching: $45 to $100 per 60 minute session, per group member
  • Workshops: $30 to $600+ per student
  • Retreats: $500 to $8,000 per student
  • Online Book: $9 to $30 per a book
  • Online Program: $99 to $850 per student

It varies depending on several factors

As you can see, sex coaches can make anywhere from $125/hr up to $300/hr depending on your website and how you market your services. In wealthier cities or if you have a specialized niche, you might be able to charge much more an hour.