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We interview world-renowned clinical psychologist and media sexpert, Dr. David J. Ley! Find out how the Dr. Phil show introduced David into the media world and how to talk to journalists as a sex professional. 

Discovering a fake necrophilia expert 

Along the way, listen to a fascinating media experience Dr. David Ley had while helping a journalist uncover a fake necrophilia expert. He discusses how this popular “expert” was in Forbes Magazine, had multiple publications, and was all over TV including the Dan Savage show. David shares how the journalist discovered the “expert” was lying about his Harvard degree and how they confronted him about it.

“Then the message became: ‘How do journalists vet their sources and how do they make sure that on these sensational kinds of salacious topics, they’re getting the real deal and getting real expertise’”

Effective and Accurate Communication as a “Sexpert”

Additionally, we discuss the importance of researching and verifying your information when sharing it with an audience in an accurate and effective way. Dr. David Ley discusses how writing a blog for Psychology Today helped him the most in learning how to educate his audiences in a way that stuck.


“When we are being that ‘sexpert’ when we are offering this information we have to remember that we are educating, we are educators and that it’s important to give that information accurately and effectively to give it in a way that the audience can receive it”

Episode Highlights:

🎙 1:30     Dr. David Ley’s introduction to the world of TV and big media on The Dr. Phil Show
🎙 3:40     David’s first controversial book, The Myth of Sex Addiction and how it catapulted his sexuality career forward
🎙 8:36     Talking with journalists, Tips on building and maintaining relationships
🎙 11:20   Discovering a fake necrophilia expert
🎙 15:26   Recent appearance on The Daily Show and examples of how big media is now fact-checking sex experts
🎙 23:27  Mistakes David made in the media that he learned from

Podcast Transcript

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast: 

🔗 Dr. David J. Ley’s website
🔗 Sexcasters Sexuality Professionals Podcast Community
🔗 Training on sexuality professionals in the Media:  Mark your calendars, April 16th, 2021 for the media training with Dr. David Ley and join our list for registration updates.
🔗 SHA Certification Trainings where Dr. David Ley is on the advisory board
🔗 Respark Therapy & Coaching for sex therapy and couples therapy in Colorado and Texas
🔗 Practice Outside the Lines

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Meet Dr. David Ley: 

Dr. David J. Ley is a world-renowned clinical psychologist, known for bringing scientifically-accurate and clinically sound information to discussions about modern sexuality. 

He serves on the board of the Sexual Health Alliance as an expert advisor and is an internationally-recognized expert on issues related to sexuality, pornography, and mental health. 

He has appeared on television with Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Dr. Phil, and others. He has been interviewed in publications ranging from the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and the London Telegraph, to Playboy and Hustler magazines. Dr. Ley has published extensively in both the academic and “pop” realms of literature. His latest book, Ethical Porn for Dicks, A Man’s Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure has endorsements from Dan Savage and and is a humorous and provocative handbook for men who want to think more comprehensively about porn. 

In 2018, he spoke with Esther Perel, at her Sessions Live conference exploring The Masculinity Paradox. His talk, seen here, offers a concise overview of his view on masculinity and sexual integrity. 

The Myth of Sex Addiction (2012), Insatiable Wives (2009) and his latest book, Ethical Porn for Dicks were revolutionary explorations of sexual issues that blended a powerful client-centered narrative with a rich understanding of psychology, biology, and sociology. 

At the same time, he is Executive Director of a large behavioral health and substance abuse outpatient program and consults across the country on both mental health and sexuality-related issues. As a result, Dr. Ley is able to bring a broad, practical approach to help mental health clinicians.

Social Media Handles 

Twitter: @DrDavidLey
Instagram: @davidleyphd