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We discuss the process that Kinsey Institute Research Fellow, Dr. Justin Lehmiller took in order to become a sex researcher and educator. From starting a wildly successful blog about the science of sex to later teaching sexuality courses at Harvard University and Ball State University and working with the Kinsey Institute, we hear all of Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s advice for anyone looking into becoming a sex researcher and then create a successful business. 

Learning how to effectively teach diverse groups about sexuality issues 

Dr. Justin Lehmiller shares how he learned to teach diverse groups about sex without any teaching experience. Lehmiller discusses the very first course he taught that didn’t go so well and what he did in order to improve by surveying his students. He emphasizes the importance of being flexible and adaptable as a teacher.

“Every time I teach it’s always a learning experience for me. What do I take away from this audience or this semester? How can I use it to keep improving and enhancing my teaching?”

Harvard Colleagues not taking his Human Sexuality course seriously 

Dr. Justin Lehmiller discusses how sexuality courses are not always taken seriously even by his own colleagues. He shares a story about a conversation he overheard about the human sexuality course he was teaching at Harvard where his colleagues were upset his class had more enrollment than theirs and described it as a “fluff course”.

Episode highlights:

🎙 4:00   Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s different jobs and what he enjoys the most
🎙 6:47   Teaching and attending catholic universities and how they impacted Justin’s life
🎙 10:50  The path Dr. Justin Lehmiller took in order to become a sex researcher and educator  
🎙 14:57  Learning how to effectively teach diverse groups about sex
🎙 21:28  Advice for students wanting to become a sex researcher
🎙 29:17  Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s experience teaching at Harvard and sexuality courses not being taken seriously by colleagues   



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Meet Dr. Justin Lehmiller:

Dr. Justin Lehmiller is a social psychologist and Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute. He is the author of the blog Sex and Psychology and the popular book Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life. Dr. Lehmiller is an award-winning educator, having been honored three times with the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard University, where he taught for several years. He is also a prolific researcher who has published more than 50 academic works, including a textbook titled The Psychology of Human Sexuality that is used in college classrooms around the world. Dr. Lehmiller is a much sought-after voice in the media on sexuality research and education. He has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and CNN, and he has appeared on dozens of international radio, podcast, and television programs.

Social Media:

-Twitter @JustinLehmiller
-Instagram @JustinJLehmiller