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In this episode with Dr. Zhana, we discuss her early experiences which led to her journey in becoming a sex scientist. As well as what a sex scientist is and what it is to understand humans and their sexuality as a scientist.

The duality of the transition between the country and its people

Dr. Zhana is what some may call a sexual scientist but here in this episode, we hear her talk about her upbringing and what surrounded her during those transformative years. We hear about her upbringing within a country going through major transitions, that country being Macedonia. She describes her experience during that time period as a very “free and liberating” time as she was able to be wild and free to explore any of her sexual fantasies that their mind could come up with.

“It was kind of slightly lawless time as the country was transitioning out of that socialism and into the capitalist democratic world. ”

Loving what you do

Dr. Zhana touches upon something that a lot of the youth in academia tend to forget about nowadays and that’s to follow a path in something they truly love. This is because as Dr. Zhana puts it, you spend such an unbelievable amount of time doing something and to be able to do that, one needs to truly love what it is they’re doing. Not just hustling to survive as the Dr. Zhana puts it but living comfortably and happy with one’s own decisions.

“I was always driven by ‘I have to do what I love’ I spent so much time doing the work that I do that I need to love it”

Episode highlights:

🎙 1:06 Growing up in Macedonia during some of the  country’s most transformative years
🎙 5:30 Dr. Zhana on why she decided to study human sexuality and writing her book
🎙 10:47 How different aspects of sexuality are linked to health and wellbeing thesis at Cornell University
🎙 16:42 The non-traditional path Dr. Zhana took at Cornell University in order to do what she loves
🎙 33:07 Lessons learned from Dr. Zhana’s “Science of Sex” podcast
🎙 47:48 Dr. Zhana’s journey to becoming who she is now
🎙 58:08 Advice for young sexuality professionals

Episode Transcription


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Meet Dr. Zhana Vrangalova:

Zhana Vrangalova, PhD, is a NYC-based consultant, speaker, and writer helping people make smarter decisions about sex and relationships. She holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, teaches Human Sexuality courses at New York University, and has published academic research on casual sex and sexual orientation. She was the creator of the Casual Sex Project, and the host of The Science of Sex Podcast. Most recently, she is the creator of Uncensored with Dr. Zhana, a unique format for open conversations about sexuality and relationships in a globalized world. She recently launched Open Smarter, an online course helping people make smarter decisions about their relationship choices using their unique personality blueprint.

Social Media:
Instagram, Twitter & FB: @drzhana