In this episode

In this episode, we are joined by the “Cheating on Fear” podcast hosts, Beatrice and Dante! We get a closer look into their own non-traditional relationship and an in-depth look into the creation of their podcast and pseudonyms.

Communication is key!

Beatrice and Dante provide a very insightful look as to how their non-traditional relationship has been able to function so well. This is from an excellent amount of communication between each other as things can’t simply be swept under the rug. In this episode, Beatrice takes a deep dive in why it is such an important component among couples to do so and how it is to go about.

“How often do people get instructions on how to do that? How to communicate?”

How Religion has influenced the US’ Sex Education

Beatrice and Dante provide personal experiences on how their sexual education teaching went about and we hear about the AIDS epidemic with Magic Johnson and how it’s not just about homosexuals. Beatrice then goes to really put into perspective just how much insanity it is to limit sexual education for the younger generation as it simply leaves them unprepared and mistakes just waiting to happen.

“It’s like taking a cooking class and only learning about food poisoning!”

Episode highlights:

🎙 7:25 How Beatrice and Dante chose their pseudonyms and why
🎙 10:17 Beatrice and Dante’s relationship and the importance of good communication  
🎙 17:32 Sex education in the 90’s with the aids epidemic
🎙 20:28  What it’s like starting a podcast with your partner and the money side of things
🎙 31:40 How affiliate programs work with podcasts
🎙 37:38 What business or lessons learned have come from launching this podcast



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Meet Beatrice and Dante:

Dante is an anthropologist by training and has traveled the world diving, climbing, and conducting research.  Beatrice is a kinesiologist by training and is an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and educator. Together they have traveled extensively devouring life, culture, food, and libations. Join them on their journey of discovering new places and ideas that enhance their individual lives as well as their life together, and share how they can help you live a life without fear.