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In this episode, we are joined by producer, photographer, and director Holly Randall. With over 20 years of professional experience in the porn industry, Holly tells us about her career, her work towards dismantling the misconceptions of the industry, and some advice for those interested in getting into the field.

Creating Her Own Career

Daughter of erotic photographer Suze Randall, and writer Humphrey Knipe, Holly’s career path wasn’t met with any resistance. Holly tells us about how she started out with just photography and moved on to videography when she noticed the shift in technology. Her work has been primarily independent, and she believes that not being tied down to one company has given her a lot of freedom as an artist.

“…never put your eggs in one basket, and never sign a contract”

Holly gives us the inside scoop on how she started her podcast “Holly Randall Unfiltered”. Over the past year, she saw a decrease in clients/gigs and realized she needed to expand outside of her market. The idea for her show was to lift the veil of the adult industry. She wanted to highlight how the industry is full of wonderfully creative people and often has a unique perspective of sex and the world.

Misconceptions of Porn and the Adult Film Industry

Holly gives us her honest truth about the adult industry. The world has a lot of misconceptions about people who work in the industry. Her advice for someone interested in becoming a performer: think about it. She tells us that you should understand that your friends/family will find out. And anything put on the internet is there to stay. She advises considering starting off by creating personal content on your own platform. When you’re ready, do research and reach out to other people in the industry. Similar to her own mentality, staying true to your brand and beliefs is important. 

From a producing side. Holly says, no pun intended, that you gotta start at the bottom. Jokingly noting that you start off as a PA “Cleaning cum off the couches and cleaning douches in the bathroom”. Like any company, her advice is to put in your time and be a good worker. Some specifics to the industry is being someone who is easy to be around on set and makes the performers feel comfortable. 

“Sexuality is so multifaceted, and human sexuality is so complex. And it’s very important to people. Whether or not it’s important to you in a way where you embrace it and you really explore it or it’s important to you in a way that you’re very ashamed of it and closed off to it”

Episode highlights:

🎙1:20 – Holly’s Mom, Suze Randall
🎙6:37 – Maintaining creative freedom as a freelance artist
🎙9:40 – The start of her podcast “Holly Randall Unfiltered” 
🎙15:05 – How her family influenced her career
🎙19:45 – The error of free porn
🎙22:14 – Only Fans and the unplanned nude leak
🎙29:45 – Benefits of having a partner not in the same industry
🎙34:00 – Societal misconceptions of the porn industry
🎙38:20 – How Holly decided to become a producer
🎙43:00 – Advice for people interested in entering the field


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Meet Holly Randall:

Holly Randall is a photographer, director, producer, and podcaster! Her photography career includes credits in Playboy Plus and Penthouse. She is the owner of “Holly Randall Productions” in addition to working with adult film studio Twistys . A lifetime advocate for the adult film industry, her podcast “Holly Randall Unfiltered” “strips down the public’s misconceptions about the porn business, and reveals the real people behind the fantasy”. 

Find her on Instagram and Twitter @Hollyrandall