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In this episode, we talk with sex therapist and Sluts and Scholars podcaster Nicoletta Heidegger. MA, MEd, LMFT. An education enthusiast, Nicoletta gives us her experience going through her undergraduate and master’s programs in education, psychology, and therapy with an emphasis on sex and sexual health. She fills us in on the stigma that she faced while pursuing higher education, and how it drives her to help change the professional therapy industry. Nicoletta also lets us know about her journey in starting the podcast Sluts and Scholars as well as advice for those getting into the sex podcast industry.

The Not So Sexy Road of Higher Education

Nicoletta tells us of her experience in higher education. She always knew she had an interest in sex. She majored in psychology at Stanford and maintained her passion for sex/sexuality by working at the university’s sexual health center. In addition, she created the incredibly creative column “Sex Talks with the Tree” an extension of her time as the mascot at Standford. While pursuing her MA in clinical psychology at Pepperdine, she realized most therapy programs only have 1 class on sexual health. Knew she wanted more on sexuality and sexual health. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and Widener

“Because there’s so much shame and stigma around sex and sexuality professions, especially in like the mainstream therapy community, I didn’t want to give anyone any reason to like, question my expertise and validity”

Misconceptions of Porn and the Adult Film Industry

Nicoletta’s goal for her podcast was to create accessible, free, and educational content. She describes being a sex podcaster as “sex adjacent”. Where she’s not affected to the same extent that sex workers are, but still has many limitations on social media. Having a sex podcast affects her ability to promote and advertise as other podcasters are able to. The struggle has led to her being a part of the Pleasure Podcast Collective, which is a group of sex podcasters. She gives advice on the many different ways to start your podcast, recommending to do your research on creating a business. In addition, finding creative ways to gain advertisements and market your podcast is important. 

“I should be able to like sex, to talk about sex, to be a sexual person, and can still be taken seriously as an accredited professional”

Episode highlights:

🎙5:40 – Launching Sluts and Scholars Podcast
🎙9:25 – How Nicoletta almost got kicked off a flight for her T-shirt
🎙12:00 – Having sex as a sex therapist
🎙14:30 – Challenges that come with having a sex podcast
🎙19:25 – How to help your podcast gain traction
🎙30:45 – Cohosting versus solo hosting Sluts and Scholars
🎙33:33 – Important things to know about advertising


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Meet Nicoletta :

Nicoletta Heidiger MA, MEd, LMFT is a sex therapist and podcaster of Sluts and Scholars. A Stanford and Pepperdine Alumni, she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality at Wiedner. Nicoletta runs her own private practice in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills California. In addition, she is the Director of Operations for Golden Coast Sexual Health Alliance, the California branch of SHA. Nicoletta is also the creator of the popular sex podcast Sluts and Scholars. She aims to reduce the stigma around sex in the professional field as well as create accessible widespread information on sex and sexual health. 

Find her on Instagram @nicoletta and Twitter @nicoletta 

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