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In this episode, we interview James Sias host of the “Practicing Polyamory” Podcast. We chat about how he ended up creating 3 podcasts, as well as his experiential advice to anyone interested in starting a podcast themselves.

A Plethora of Podcasts

James is no stranger to podcasting. He and his brother own an insurance company together and have been posting daily episodes to their podcast Business Bros for the past 3 years. His love for podcasts led to him creating his own podcast where he talked about insurance. The podcast ran for 84 episodes, but James realized he wasn’t super passionate about insurance which led to him starting Practicing Polyamory. 

He got started by asking the online Polyamory community. He believes this step was important because it allowed him to not only end up getting a suggestion for the name of his show but helped him greatly in meeting people who were interested in being on the podcast.

“The Podcast has been more of an outing, but for me what it’s done, is give me the courage to speak about it more openly, more publicly, no matter what the relationship I may have with the person is…”

Community Engagement 

Practicing Polyamory has been very different from his past podcast. He now looks forward to every interview and wants to do more to learn and grow. James’ biggest piece of advice for people looking to start their podcast is to pick a topic you are passionate about. Once you find that, figure out who you want to share it with and get involved in the community, and start generating a buzz. He also advises making an effort to create content around the podcast, and create a community.

“Now that I’ve picked a topic I am passionate about, it’s a completely different story. Not only am I looking forward to every interview every day, but I wanna do more to grow the audience. I want to do more to learn about the audience. I try and put myself in front of more people. I’m just a lot more passionate about it and it really shows.”

Episode highlights:

🎙2:00 – Podcasting daily for 3 years
🎙5:50 – Choosing a name by asking the community
🎙8:08 – How his first podcast differs from Practicing Polyamory
🎙11:20 – Coming out to the internet
🎙13:55 – Inclusivity and language
🎙17:50 – Tips for starting a podcast
🎙25:20 – Long term goals for the podcast
🎙30:00 – Sponsorships and additional tips


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Meet James Sias:

James Sias is the host of the Practicing Polyamory podcast which was launched in February 2021. James is also currently Co-host of the Business Bros podcast, and host of now finished Don’t Break the Bank podcast.

Find James on Instagram @PracticingPolya