Have you ever thought about how different sex therapy could be in a place like Alaska? What about sex therapy in the black community? In healthcare? These may be things you haven’t thought about before because of stigma, shame and access.

In this episode:

We (virtually) sit down with Kelvin Pace, MS, LPC-S, CST owner of KpaceCounseling, LLC all the way from Anchorage, Alaska and chat about how he started his career in sex therapy, the barriers of consensual non-monogomy in healthcare, and how masturbation can be used as a form of erotic self-care. 

Creating access to Sex therapy training program for black therapists

Additionally, Kelvin shines light on the underrepresentation of African American males as sex therapists and how porn is treated in the black community. He discusses how there are only 5 black therapists that are AASECT Certified Sex Therapists and how to change it by creating a sex posiitve community within the black community. Kelvin discusses how there are a lot of myths held around porn and sex within these commmunities and how he’s working to change that.

Building a busy sex therapy private practice

Kelvin discusses how to get speaking engagements with nursing associations as a way to grow his practice. He now sees sometimes 40 clients a week and discusses how he takes care of himself while maintaining a busy schedule. Nurturing his own sexuality is a form of self care that he practices. We discuss the concept of erotic self care and how he hopes to bring this knowledge to more sexuality professionals as many of us can neglect that part.

Episode highlights:

🎙 1:22     How Kelvin went from being a medic in the Army to a sex therapist in the US.
🎙 9:04     Becoming a certified sex therapist in Anchorage, Alaska
🎙 16:35   The barriers of consensual non-monogomy and sex therapy in healthcare
🎙 29:29   Masturbation as a form of erotic self-care and how to care for your sexuality as a healthcare provider
🎙 33:01  Underrepresentedd African American male sex therapists, how to change the system, representation and access to resources
🎙 35:30   Porn in the black community, stigma and shame

Resources Mentioned in This Podcast: 

🔗Where to find Kelvin:  www.kpacecounseling.net
🔗 Sexcasters Sexuality Professionals Podcast Community
🔗 SHA Certification Trainings
🔗 Respark Therapy & Coaching for sex therapy and couples therapy in Colorado and Texas
🔗 Practice Outside the Lines

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Meet Kelvin Pace, LPC-S, CST: 

Kelvin Pace, MS, LPC-S, CST Graduated with a master’s in clinical psychology from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2009. Kelvin is a former medic and paratrooper with the United States Army and has lived in Alaska for over 20 years. 

Kelvin is the owner of KpaceCounseling, LLC where he serves clients in private practice. He does contract work with Full Spectrum Health as a behavioral health clinician where he works with an integrated care team delivering evidenced-based care to persons of the LGBTQ+ community. Kelvin has worked for a local non-profit delivering mental health services to children and young adults that have suffered from complex trauma. With a firm foundation in trauma, he delivers trauma-informed sex-positive therapy to his clients. 

Kelvin provides services to couples and individuals dealing with sexual or relationship issues that include low desire, anxiety surrounding sex, and infidelity. His current focus is on mindfulness-based interventions to manage sexual concerns and he works with persons that are either in or looking to explore non-traditional relationship orientations that fall under the umbrella of consensual/ethical non-monogamy. 

Kevin can be found on various platforms

Phone: 907-279-9278

Email: kpacecounseling@gmail.com

Website: kpacecounseling.net

Facebook: @kpacecounselingLLC

IG: kpace37