In this Episode:

Taylor Spaziani is our right-hand lady in all the businesses we manage alongside Practice Outside the Lines. She is Heather McPherson’s clinical manager for Respark Therapy & Associates, Respark & Co, the Colorado Director of Operations for the Sexual Health Alliance as well as Heather’s overall executive assistant.

In this podcast, we talk about how we got so lucky with Taylor and how Taylor found Heather. Taylor describes the work we do together for the various businesses and how she prioritizes tasks as well as general work ethic. We discuss areas to specialize in postgraduate school and the different paths one could take to becoming a sex therapist. We discover how Taylor found the Sexual Health Alliance and Respark and started volunteering with the team.

Episode highlights:

🎙 3:13     How Taylor found out and decided she wanted to be a sex therapist
🎙 6:09     Being that kid in middle school that talked all about sex
🎙 8:49     Learning about sex by studying porn as a 7-year-old
🎙 12:55   Choosing a college grad program and the process behind it
🎙 17:56   Using ASECT’s requirements as a step by step guide to becoming a sex therapist
🎙 21:46   How sexuality fits in other parts of her life and social justice in counseling
🎙 28:21  Taylor’s experience as the Clinical Manager for Respark Therapy and gaining   hands-on experience

Resources Mentioned in This Podcast: 

🔗 Taylor’s Instagram:
🔗 SHA’s YouTube:
🔗 Sexcasters Sexuality Professionals Podcast Community
🔗 SHA Certification Trainings
🔗 Respark Therapy & Coaching for sex therapy and couples therapy in Colorado and Texas
🔗 Practice Outside the Lines
🔗 AASECT Organization

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Meet Taylor Spaziani:

Taylor Spaziani is the intake coordinator and clinical manager at Respark. She is currently a graduate student working on her degree in couples and family therapy at the University of Colorado Denver and is beginning to work on her sex therapy certification. She has wanted to be a sex therapist since she was in the 5th grade, and has been learning about all things sexuality since. One of her favorite sayings she lives by is, “embrace your weirdness,” because she believes the unique qualities we hold as individuals are what brings the world magic. She thinks society has a terrible way of making us feel like we all need to look and act like one another, to mask ourselves into the roles that society wants to see us as. This is why she loves studying sexuality as a profession because sexuality reminds her of just how unique we all are. Taylor believes in the power of helping others embrace their unique selves, especially their unique sexualities. It truly brings her so much joy and she continues to thrive in her lifelong educational journey and a constant hunger for learning more and doing better for the greater good of her community.

Social Media Handles: 

Instagram: @feelingtazz