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In this episode we interview sex educator, author, and artist Midori. We get an inside scoop at how her path to becoming a sex “edu-tainer” was driven by creativity, authenticity, and making mistakes. Dubbed by Dan Savage as the “Supernova of Kink”, Midori has created an extensive career. She is known for her artistic installations and performances, being the author of “ The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage”, and her classes on female dominance.

Early Sexual Self Expression

Midori takes us through her time navigating sexuality and sexual self expression during the 1990’s Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco. She tells us with witty humor about how her early sexual education came from nature shows. Her life growing up in an all female feminist household, being raised in Japan influenced her thoughts on sex. This mentality, paired with her curiosity, and unique character led her to unknowingly befriending revolutionaries of the sex positive movement.

“I would show up dressed in some interesting way, and not for attracting sexual partners. Not as bright plumage to attract a mate, but really about expressing myself creatively. And now that I think about it, I was engaging in the performance of expression of self and exploring that”

Stepping into the Kinky Sub Culture

As Midori became more involved in the kink subculture she was invited to present a workshop at bookstore and performance space QSM (Quality Sado Masochism). Her workshop on feminine dominance was followed by writing on topics of sexuality for Spectator Magazine. Her piece on humiliation play would later be incorporated into her second book “The Wild Side of Sex”. Though she had engaged in humiliation play, her article for Spectator challenged her to navigate the differences in engagement and education. She strove to understand the psychological framework of play and create models to teach anyone interested how to engage in constructive and mutually fun play. 

Midori will be leading Sexual Health Alliance’s upcoming conference “Kink for the Professional”. This two day conference will be a deep dive into the realities and challenges of practicing BDSM. We will explore the existing tools, language, identity framework and strategies commonly used within the community. In addition to this Midori will be speaking on humiliation play, and sharing her constructive models in navigating it. 

Dates: April 23rd and 24th 

“I had no idea I was hanging out with revolutionaries, that I was being a revolutionary, that I was doing anything radical. I was just following my curiosity”

Episode highlights:

🎙 4:38 – How the US Army helped Midori excel at public speaking
🎙 9:30 – Making friends in San Francisco   
🎙17:25 – How Midori’s Japanese heritage impacted her view on sex 
🎙19:05 – Early Sex Education from the Animal Kingdom 
🎙26:45 – Being a Radical Revolutionary without knowing it
🎙29:05 – Midori’s first workshop becoming the birth of Forte Fem
🎙37:15 – Being a part of San Francisco’s underground Kink community 
🎙42:30 – Placing value in her work and the beginning of her sex educator career


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Meet Midori:

Midori is a master educator, artist, and writer on sexuality.  A Tokyo native- and long-time San Franciscan, her work is extensive and internationally recognized. Midori’s writing has been revolutionary for the kink community, author of “The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage”, “Wild Side Sex”, “Master Han’s Daughter”, and co-author of “Silk Threads”. As an artist Midori is an elegant provocateur, creating unique installations and performances. As an educator, Midori seeks to educate on creating authentic and intimate relationships while emphasizing self-actualization, shame reduction, acceptance, and justice. Her humor and elegance with words can be seen in her presentations on sexuality, personal fulfillment, and her kinky adventures. Outside of her work, Midori is a lover of Asian cuisine, cats, and tea.