In this episode

Six-time founder, Christine Mason, gives us an inside look into running a business in the sexual health and intimate wellness industry, how she turned her passion project into a sustainable business known as Rosebud Woman, and building a team that collaborates with healthcare professionals.

Starting a business that’s
“Outside the Lines”

We discuss how language is treated in the sexual health and intimate wellness industry and the process Christine took in choosing specific wording to get her messaging across with Rosebud Woman. Christine discusses how words like “sex” and “sexuality” can be more transactional vs. “self-massage” or “caring for the skin” that put health first. Christine chooses a movement to self-love and then sex.   

Advice for young entrepreneurs looking to get into the field of sexuality 

Christine offers some valuable advice for anyone looking to get into the sexuality field whether that be in education, products, services, etc. She advises against the “jack of all trades” route and recommends you pick one thing and do that thing really well and go from there.

“When you try to be everything for everybody you don’t get enough traction”

Episode highlights:

🎙 7:30     How to build and lead a team as a Founder and CEO
🎙 14:19   Learning about plant medicine and natural health in Hawaii and applying it to Rose Woman
🎙 19:39   How to create a passion project into a sustainable business   
🎙 29:37   Taking care of our bodies as women including the vulva
🎙 34:57   Collaborating with OBGYN’s and other medical professionals in Rosebud Women with scientific evidence to support the companies products and help stop the spread of misinformation
🎙 48:30  Advice for young entrepreneurs looking to get into the field of sexuality

Episode Transcription


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Meet Christine Mason: 

Christine is a six-time founder and CEO, with a deep interest in women’s wellness and liberation. She’s a futurist, a yogi, tantrika, mother of 4, and grandmother. She’s the author of The Invitation and Body Love, as well as 4 other books, and the co-founder of New Earth Mandala, a meditation center and medicinal farm on Hawaii. She’s appeared on radio, tv, print and podcasts (from NPR to Vogue to TEDx), speaking to entrepreneurship, freeing the mind and body, activism and sexual and intimate wellness. French, German. MBA, Phi Beta Kappa Northwestern University. She splits her time between the farm (with the chickens, cats and goats!) and Venice, CA.

Social Media Handles: 

Instagram: @rosebudwoman