Welcome to the Practice Outside the Lines podcast with your host, Heather McPherson, a certified sex therapist, consultant and multi-passionate entrepreneur. Learn from the people who are working at the leading edge of sexuality. Listen in on how it all happened as they share all their secrets to mind-blowing success.

About 10 years ago I started counseling entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses because I was super passionate about this population and loved the idea of focusing therapy on “love and work.” I went on to specialize in sex and couples therapy with Respark and create certification training programs with the Sexual Health Alliance. So it’s not accidental that now so many years later I have come back full circle to create a business and podcast focused on the BUSINESS of sexual health.

I have already sat down with some of the leading sexuality professionals (20 and counting!) we all know and love to get their story on how they do all the things and I’m super excited for you to listen in! The goal of this podcast is to pick the brains of sexuality professionals who are successful in their field and bring all of their valuable knowledge right to your fingertips! From sexual health providers, sex therapists, sex coaches, sex educators and other sex entrepreneurs, this podcast has everything you need to know about the business of sexual health and how you can get started on your own journey.

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